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<Nine Lessons the Art Education Teach> By Makio Kawashima

1. Art education lets each individual student delineate his/her own dreams.  <Dream Power>

2. Art education gives students an impression of the value of beauty with an awareness of society and the earth that will last for a lifetime. Students also receive a sense of artistic judgment conscious of those around them as they act.

3. Art education trains students in sensitivity and practical skills that encourage the development of a creative lifestyle and a harmonious society, as well as a beautiful earth.

4. Art education is concerned with instruction on the individual level. It integrates knowledge and experience to foster a temperament and ability that is both expressive and capable of superior problem solving.

5. Art education is concerned with the individual minds of students. It trains in a richly human experience that has self-discipline, cooperativeness with others, concern for others, and emotional depth.

6. Art education is concerned with the individual lives of students. It provides enjoyable experiences of self-expression, and encourages students to think about living lives true to themselves.

7. Art education is concerned with the individual profession of students. It improves skills, provides an experience of the delight in being true to oneself, and fosters creative ability in the workplace.

8. Art education is concerned with technology. It enhances goals and safety, fosters delight in utilizing technology, and creates designs concerned with beauty that connect technology (machinery) with man.

9. Art education is concerned with society. It suggests and is directly concerned with social creativity that is peaceful and beautiful. Imaginative thinking is at the core of art.

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