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Joseph Haydn Discography

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The discography of complete Joseph Haydn works consists of about 10,000 performance data with ratings recorded in CD and vinyl. This discography is based on the private collection of Daisy, author of Japanese weblog about Joseph Haydn:Haydn Recordings Archive.
  1. Symphony - 1
    Early Symphnies (includes "Le Matin", "Le Midi", "Le Soir", "A", "B")
  2. Symphony - 2
    Strum und Drang Symphonies (includes "Philosopher", "Alleluja", "Hornsignal", "Feuersymphonie", "Lamentatione", "Merkur", "Trauer", "Maria Theresia", "La passione", "Abschied", "Tempora mutantur")
  3. Symphony - 3
    After Strum und Drang Symphonies (includes "Der Schulmeister", "Il disrratto", "L'Imperiale", "Laudon", "La Roxelane", "La Chasse")
  4. Symphony - 4
    Paris Symphonies (includes "L'Ours", "La Poule", "La Reine", "Oxford")
  5. Symphony - 5
    Salomon Symphonies-1 (includes "Miracle", "Mit dem Paukenschlag")
  6. Symphony - 6
    Salomon Symphonies-2 (includes "Clock", "Militaly", "Mit dem Paukenwirbel", "London")
  7. Orchestral, Concerto
    Orchestral Works (includes "Die sieben letzten Worte unseres Erlösers am Kreuze"), Concertos (includes Klavier Concertos, Violine Concertos, Cello Concertos, Horn Concertos, Trumpet Conserto, Lira Organizzata Concertos)
  8. String Quartet - 1
    Op.1, Op.2, Op.9, Op.17, Op20 "Sonnenquartette"
  9. String Quartet - 2
    Op.33 "Russische-Quartette" (includes "The Joke", "Vogelquartett") , Op.42, Op.50 "Preußichen-Quartette" (includes "Der Traum", "Frosch"), Op.51 "Die sieben letzten Worte unseres Erlösers am Kreuze", Op.54-55 "Die Erste Tostschequartette" (includes "Raisermesserquartett")
  10. String Quartet - 3
    Op.64 "Die Zweiten Tostschequartette" (includes "Lerchenquartett"), Op.71-74 "Apponyi-Quartette" (includes "Reiterquartett"), Op.76 "Erdödy-Quartette" (includes "Quintenquartett", "L'aulore", "Quintenquartett"), Op.77-103 "Lobkowitz-Quartette", Op.3 (includes "Serenadequartett")
  11. Piano Quartet, Trio - 1
    Piano Quintet, Piano Quartet, Early Piano Trios
  12. Piano Quartet, Trio - 2
    Later Piano Trios
  13. Piano Sonata - 1
    Early Piano Sonatas
  14. Piano Sonata - 2
    Mid Piano Sonatas
  15. Piano Sonata - 3
    Later Piano Sonatas
  16. Piano Sonata - 4
    Other Piano Works (includes "Die sieben letzten Worte unseres Erlösers am Kreuze", "Acht Sauschneider müssen sein", "Faciles et agreables", Andante con Variazioni, "Il maestro e lo scolare", "March for the Prince of Wales", "March for the Royal Society of Musicians")
  17. Chamber Music - 1
    Divertiment, Scherzando, Notturno, String Trios, String Duos, Pices for Musical Clock
  18. Chamber Music - 2
    Baryton Octet, Early Baryton Trios
  19. Chamber Music - 3
    Later Baryton Trios
  20. Opera & Vocal - 1
    Oratorio (includes "Il ritorno di Tobia", "Die sieben letzten Worte unseres Erlösers am Kreuze", "Die Schöpfung", "Die Jahreszeiten"), Opera (includes "La marchesa nespoli", "Acide e Galatea", "La canterina", "Lo speziale", "Le pescatrici", "L'infedeltà delusa", "Philemon und Baucis", "Die Gotterrat", "Die Feuerbrunst(Das Abgebrannte Haus)", "L'incontio improvviso", "Il mondo della luna", "La vera costanza", "L'isola disabitata", "La fedeltà premiata", "Orlando Paladino", "Armida", "L'anima del filosofo, ossia Orfeo ed Euridice"), Arias for Opera, Consert Arias (includes Cantata "Miseri noi, misera Patria", Scena di Berenice "Berenice, che fai")
  21. Opera & Vocal - 2
    Mass (includes "Rorate coeli desuper", "Caecilienmesse", "Grosse Orgelmesse", "Nicolaimesse", "Klein Orgelmesse", "Mariazellermesse", "Paukenmesse", "Heiligmesse", "Nelson Mass", "Thereseinmesse", "Schöpfungsmesse", "Harmoniemesse"), Sacred Works (includes Stabat Mater, Responsorium "Libera me", Offertorium, Motetto, Salve Regina, Ave Regina, Te Deum, Alleluya, Lauda Sion, Cantata "Applausus")
  22. Opera & Vocal - 3
    Cantata (includes "Arianna a Naxos", "Lines from the battle of the Nile"), German Songs (includes "Das Leben ist ein Traum", Das Kaiserlied "Got! erhalte den Kaiser!"), English Songs (includes "The Mermaid's Song", "Recollection", "A Pastoral Song", "Despair", "Pleasing Pain", "Fidelity", "Sailor's Song", "The Wanderer", "Sympathy", "She never told her love", "Piercing eyes", "Content", "The Spirit's Song", "O tuneful Voice", "Lady's Looking Glass"), Canons (includes "Die heiligen zehn Gebote")
  23. Opera & Vocal - 4
    Scottish Forksong Arrangement, Welsh Forksong Arrangement
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