Play List2D User Manual

English Japanease

Album artwork of the two-dimensional one-touch play of your Playlist.
Songs purchased from iTunes music Store will display the album artwork.
Song encoded from the CD displays the default image provided by the application.
(See screenshot default image)
If one exists the album artwork in the playlist and display it.

One-touch play playlists.
Rotate the image during playback.
Instantly switch number of images to display.(6-12-20-30)
Minimum 6 pieces
maximum 30 pieces
Screen shots are examples of 6 pieces and 12 pieces.
Hidden image to scroll horizontally.
View all title,artist,time currently playing playlist.
Cover art display during playback.
During playback, volume, repeat, repeat one song, shuffle set to.


Icons mean

ICON Description
stop stop music
pause pause music
prev skip song to previous
next skip song to next
big Larger image
small Reduce the image
change Change to image view /Change to song view
info Change to info view /Change to image view or song view

Image view

sc1 sc2
sc3 sc4


Scrolling image view



Song view

When touch playing song chage view to album artwork.

If you touch other song item that change song and play music immediately.

sc5 sc6


Info view

Volume,Repeat,Shuffle set in this view.

Repeat and shuffle may not work correctly,If so, please touch on and off repeatedly.